Muskegon river guided fly fishing trips for Trout, Salmon & Steelhead. The 2014 Spring Steelhead run is ON !! Limited dates available up to late May, call or email for more information.

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   Muskegon River Guided Fly Fishing

Muskegon River Guided Fishing Fly Fishing / Light Tackle


Catch big trout from late spring through early fall, during the Caddis, Sulphur, Gray Drake, Isonychia and BWO's hatches on the Muskegon river near Newaygo, Michigan.

 Muskegon River "Match the Hatch Special" 

July & August - Fish prime hatch time of the morning OR evening for 4+ hours.  Includes all equipment, flies, lines, personalized instruction & soft beverages - Total $225


Smallmouth Bass provide great fishing in mid-late summer on the upper and lower stretches of the Muskegon river, Grand river, Flat river and Kalamazoo rivers from early July through early September.


Muskegon River "Kids-N-Fish" Special

 July & August - Parent and youth, 16 & under - summer Smallmouth bass & trout trips, 4+ hours on the water - $200.  Includes all equipment and soft beverages.


Guided Muskegon River Spring Steelhead Fishing

With spring comes big runs of steelhead, followed by excellent hatches that bring heavy shouldered rainbows and brown trout to the surface for great dry fly fishing.


 Muskegon River "Winter Steelhead Special" 

Jan 1 - March 1 - Fish the Muskegon River for steelhead with less crowds for 4+ hours.  Includes all equipment, flies, lines, personalized instruction & soft beverages - Total $200


The Muskegon river has it all for year round guided fishing trips; trophy fall salmon, fall steelhead, spring/summer/fall trout fishing.   A large tailwater fishery, the Muskegon river allows for great winter resident trout, lake run Brown trout and steelhead fishing.

Guided Fishing is also offered on the Manistee River and Pere Marquette River for trout, steelhead, and salmon. Early salmon season starts in August on the Pere Marquette River!


Your Guide Jeff Bacon

Phone: 616-656-4172     




Fishing Alert!

Skamania steelhead trips on the Kalamazoo and St. Joseph rivers in July and August.  Great fighters with incredible leaping ability.
Just around the corner, call us for a great day of Fishing!
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Michigan Fishing Regulations






12 Months of Fishing Michigan

  • Muskegon River
  • Pere Marquette River
  • Manistee River 

* Spring Steelhead - March-April-May

* Trout - May-June-July

* Smallmouth Bass - July-August

*Salmon - September-October

*Fall Steelhead - November-December

*Winter Steelhead - January-February 

The Guide Service

Muskegon River Trout, Salmon & Steelhead guides for West Michigan's Muskegon River, Pere Marquette, and Manistee Rivers.

Summer fly fishing & light spin tackle guide, for Smallmouth Bass & Pike.

Spring Steelhead guide for Muskegon river migratory Steelhead.

Summer trout guide for Muskegon river Rainbow and Brown trout.

Winter steelhead and trout guide on the Muskegon river.

Fall salmon & steelhead guide on the Muskegon, Pere Marquette and Manistee rivers.


What we do




Fly Shop 



Guided summer trout and smallmouth bass fishing trips on the Muskegon river. 

Fish the fantastic Gray Drake spinner fall in June for trophy Brown trout. 

Guided fishing trips for world class brown trout on the Pere Marquette river during the "Hex" hatch in June and early July.

Smallmouth bass fishing from late July - August.



 Fly fish the Muskegon river during great Caddis, Sulphur, Gray Drake,

Isonychia and BWO's hatches this summer !! 




Muskegon River Fly Fishing

Guided Muskegon River Fly Fishing 

Guided Summer Trout and Smallmouth Bass Trips on West Michigan's Muskegon River 


We fly fish for resident rainbow and brown trout on West Michigan's Muskegon river using various fly fishing techniques - dry fly fishing, streamer fishing and nymph fishing.

Streamer fishing with sinking/sink tip lines can produce some of the largest trout of the year......2 foot trout are caught every year on streamers.

Hatches are fantastic from late May through early July and bring big rainbow and brown trout to the surface for great dry fly fishing.

When between big hatches, nymph fishing for resident rainbow and brown trout can produce big numbers of fish !

Evening/night fishing with waking flies or light sinking streamers produces vicious strikes by both trout and smallmouth bass.

Michigan Fishing Calendar 

*Spring Steelhead - March, April, May

* Summer Trout - May, June, July, August

* Fall Salmon - August, September, October

* Fall Steelhead - October, November, December

* Winter Steelhead - January, February

* Winter Trout - January, February


Muskegon River Guided Fishing

"Match the Hatch Summer Special"

July & August - Up to 2 anglers

Fish prime hatch time of the evening for 4+ hours.  Includes all equipment, flies, lines, personalized instruction & soft beverages - Total $225

 Muskegon River "Winter Steelhead Special"

December 15 - March 1 - Up to 2 anglers

Fish for Steelhead and/or Trout, during best fishing conditions, based on weather, for 4+ hours.

Includes all equipment, flies, lines, personalized instruction and soft beverages - Total $200


What to look forward to during your guided fly fishing trip

A guided fly fishing trip is a great way to spend time on the river.  Regardless of whether you're by yourself, with a "fishin' buddy", or part of a larger, group outing.

The "day" starts at a previously scheduled time that's often dictated by the time of year and quarry of choice.  Typically, this is early morning during spring steelhead and fall salmon "runs", mid-morning for streamer fishing and mid-to-late afternoon for dry fly fishing.

Fly casting instruction is followed by taking your preferred technique(s) to the water.  Either by wade fishing or casting from the boat, we pursue trout, salmon, steelhead or a combination of fish, including warmwater species such as smallmouth bass and carp.

We break for a grilled, streamside meal mid-way through our day on the river, dine in mother natures living room !

Learn a little about "bugs" AND what they mean to you while fishing in a river.  Strengthen your casting stroke,  become a better streamer fisherman.   Improve your roll cast, get your dry fly where you couldn't before.  Learn a "reach cast" and get to those rising trout 40 feeet away, or learn how to spey cast and swing streamers to large trout or steelhead.   

The day is "yours" and it can be tailored to exactly what you're looking for in a guided fly fishing trip.

Call or email for more information and to check availability.

Cell # 616-560-3195


  Jeff Bacon of Michigan Fly Fishing Ventures has been providing professional,  full service guided fishing trips in Michigan for 13+ years. 


Founded with a focus on fly fishing, we have expanded our services and offer guided fishing with both fly gear and light spin tackle on Michigan's Muskegon River, Pere Marquette River, Flat River, Manistee River, Grand River and other great West Michigan rivers.


Pere Marquette Fly Fishing

Guided Pere Marquette River Fly Fishing

Winter Steelhead Fishing

Fall Steelhead Fishing

Muskegon River Guided Fishing

Smallmouth Bass

July - September

Once water temperatures increase on the Muskegon river in mid-late summer, Smallmouth bass provide excellent fishing up until early September.

Anglers of all skill levels will enjoy fishing for smallmouth bass on fly gear and light tackle.


Manistee River Fly Fishing


Guided Manistee River Fly Fishing 

Guided Fall Salmon Trips on West Michigan's Muskegon, Pere Marquette, and Manistee rivers.

 September and early October find Michigan's Chinook Salmon entering West Michigan rivers to spawn.  The Muskegon river salmon run is big !  Thousands of King Salmon migrate up the Muskegon river and are pursued by the fly fisher.  Land a # 20 Michigan Salmon this fall on a guided salmon fly fishing trip !

Fish from the comfort of an 18' jet sled on big rivers such as the Muskegon river, Kalamazoo river, Grand river, St. Joseph river, Pere Marquette river and Manistee river......

.....or my full size Hyde drift boat on smaller rivers, such as the Muskegon river, Pere Marquette river, White river and Upper Manistee river.


Click HERE for Michigan rivers streamflow data





       Seasonal Calendar

Spring - March - May - Muskegon river - Spring steelhead and first hatches insects provides dry fly fishing for rainbow and brown trout

Summer -  June - August - Muskegon & Pere Marquette river - Streamer fishing for trout, incredible hatches for great dry fly fishing, smallmouth bass and summer run Skamania Steelhead

Fall - September - November - Fall salmon on the Pere Marquette & Muskegon rivers, followed by fall steelhead on the Muskegon river.

Winter - December - February Muskegon river - Winter steelhead fishing and nymph fishing for trout.    




 River Information

(Maps, History, Reports, Flow)



Michigan Fly Fishing Ventures

Guide - Jeff Bacon

5388 E. Heathwood S.E. Kentwood, MI. 49512

Cell: (616) 560-3195


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Services offerd by West Michigan Fly Fishing Ventures

Muskegon river fishing guide for Salmon, Steelhead, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout & Smallmouth Bass.

Pere Marquette river fishing guide for Salmon, Steelhead & Brown Trout.

White river fishing guide for Salmon, Steelhead and Trout.

Grand river fishing guide for Salmon, Steelhead, Pike and Bass.

Manistee river fishing guide for Salmon, Steelhead, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout and Smallmouth Bass.



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 Guided">">Guided Fly Fishing Trips in west Michigan


U.S.C.G. Master Captain Jeff Bacon

Michigan DNR Inland Pilots License holder

American Red Cross trained & certified in CPR/AED-Adult and Child with CPR-Infant

American Red Cross trained & certified in Standard First Aid

Call -(616) 560-3195 or email for more information on availability or to schedule a guided fishing trip.

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