Common Carp, Cyprinus carpio

Carp originate from the Caspian Sea region and East Asia and have long been considered an invasive species in America. They have always been a prized game fish in England, but are growing in popularity among angling fishermen in Michigan today. Carp can also provide an enjoyable fishing experience for spear and bow fishermen, alike.

Traditionally, carp are bottom-feeding fish and anglers have used canned corn and doughball mixtures as bait. Carp are incredibly tolerant in most conditions and can be found widespread across Michigan’s inland lakes and streams, as well as the Great Lakes.

Heavy rods and strong leaders are essential in fishing carp due to their size – which can often exceed into the double digits. The largest recorded carp, caught by a British angler, weighed in at 100.5 lbs, with Michigan’s largest record sitting at an impressive 61.5 lbs.